Duke is a graduate of Bogalusa High School, got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from LSU in Baton Rouge and his law degree from Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, MS. After finishing law school Duke moved to Washington, DC where he took and passed the Pennsylvania bar exam.

    He worked for Congressman Richard Baker and later for Congressional Quarterly, the weekly magazine on congressional affairs. He has also lived in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked as online manager for The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper; as communications director for the Tennessee Bar Association; and as group publisher for attorney products at M. Lee Smith Publishers, a legal publisher in Nashville. In 2003 he returned to New Orleans to work for LexisNexis, the online legal research service.

    After returning to Louisiana, he took the Louisiana Bar exam. He laments that he would not recommend taking a bar exam 12 years after finishing law school. But after much studying, a reportedly boring winter and avoiding Mardi Gras season, he was admitted to practice law in April 2004.

    Soon after being sworn in by the Louisiana Supreme Court, he began to consider starting his solo practice and opened his own office in 2005. He has worked with many lawyers in big law firms, but wanted to start a small practice where his clients could sit across the desk from him. "In these bigger firms, the attorney never sees the client," Duke says. "It's like one company dealing with another. "I wanted my legal career to be different. I wanted to know my clients and know that the work I do makes their lives better."

    He is excited to live in Bogalusa, his hometown.

    He has a general legal practice with a concentration in Wills and Estates, Real Estate, Business law, and Personal Injury.

    His office is located in the former offices of Judge A. J. Jones at 326 Austin Street in Bogalusa.